Process Safety Management


ADEPP Academy assists the companies to implement the Process Safety Management by following steps:

  • Step1- Implement ADEPP Workspaces in client’s Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Step2- Perform PSM GAP analysis by ADEPP Workspaces
  • Step3- Define Action Plan to close the findings of GAP analysis
  • Step 4- Define Scope of Work for Technical Assistance by ADEPP Experts.

Step1- Implementation of ADEPP Workspaces

  •  Clarification meeting at company's site (One Week)
  •  Install ADEPP PSM Workspaces in Company's Microsoft SharePoint server
  • Cost: €100,000
  • Duration: Three months

Click here to try ADEPP PSM Workspaces.


Password: MyADEPP365

Step2&3 - PSM GAP Analysis and Action Plan

  • Clarification meeting at company’s site (One Week)
  • ADEPP experts perform the PSM Gap analysis with respect to Company's Referentials
  • ADEPP experts propose the action plan for compliance
  • ADEPP Academy inserts the action plan in ADEPP Workspaces
  • Cost: €50,000
  • Duration (Two months)


Step4-Technical Assistance

  • Technical Assistance to close the PSM actions
  • Monthly report about status of PSM implementation for management review 
  • Cost: €200,000
  • Duration (One year)

Subscription to ADEPP WebOffice is recommended.

ADEPP Weboffice

ADEPP Weboffice

ADEPP WebOffice is linked to PSM Deliverables, Risk, Issues and Tasks. Discussions are also created for each discipline to make it easier to communicate and tie everything together.

ADEPP WebOffice keeps the PSM team in touch, organize and manage schedules, share project documents through secure office365, access project databases, host web meetings and more for only $30 per month/user.

Download the User Guide for ADEPP Workspaces to see how you can access ADEPP databases and host web meetings with experts. 

Skype business meeting with ADEPP Experts: $200/hour


ADEPP Academy

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